Solidarity with the victims of the explosions in Beirut

Following the disaster of August 4, which saw part of Beirut devastated by explosions of rare intensity, Mon Liban d'Azur stands in solidarity with Lebanon in mourning and is launching a fundraising campaign to help victims. Donations collected during this campaign by Mon Liban d'Azur will be donated in full to a selection of Associations and / or Non-Governmental Organizations that strictly meet the following criteria:

  • Reputation for integrity and probity

  • Transparency and detailed reporting on the use of funds

  • Operating on site in Lebanon

  • For the exclusive benefit of the victims of the disaster of August 4

  • No confessional distinction

Associations helped by Mon Liban d'Azur (updated August 6, 2020)

Mon Liban d'Azur does not organize the collection of in-kind donations (clothing, etc.)

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